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Why Us

Nitara Projects Ltd understands the needs of the clients and the value of a home. Combining luxury with comfort and class, we cater to the importance of perfect living space in India. We listen, plan, design, and then execute the best of our ideas to deliver a future-ready home, just like you dream of.

At NITARA, we promise to fabricate the fantasy and deliver your home with an imperial touch of luxury, 3 to 5 Tier security cover, and a blissful eco-friendly environment.
Nitara Projects Limited regales the clients by offering them 25 Blisses of prosperity, each adhering to the dreams and desires of individuals. Giving your family comfort that matches every aspect of living, we prioritize every fantasy, combining it with the best breed of technology.

  • A Team Of Experts

    We are working together with a team of experts that not only value your needs but understand the importance of a Dream Home. We are here to deliver what you need.

  • Vaastu friendly homes

    With our values rooted deeper into our heritage and beliefs, we built (to be changed to Build) Vaastu friendly home to ensure healthy living, better relationships, financial security, (, to be removed) and tranquility.

  • 100% Legal buildings

    Now, secure your investment with the best homes built by (Team) Nitara. Every property we offer is lawfully constructed to provide peace of mind and financial security for life.

  • Low maintenance

    We offer luxury with low maintenance service, intended to deliver regular savings. We try to make every dream come true, thus creating a low-maintenance home for your family.

  • Best in class waterproofing with 10 years of warranty

    Now, you can dream of a house without worrying about the monsoon. Our best waterproofing system will protect your home from dampness and rust. The waterproofing service comes with a warranty of 10 years.

  • On-time delivery guarantee

    With Nitara, there is no waiting. Our team works day and night to stand up to their commitment and deliver you, your house within the estimated time.

  • Premium locations that add value

    A good home is not just about the design and features, but its locality too. We proffer to the needs of our clients only after taking care of all you need. Most of our locations are well-chosen, lying close to basic facilities like sholol(School), Hospitals, Malls, Public Transport (, to be removed) and more.

  • Glamourising The Interior

    Redesigning your abode with the creative minds in our team, Nitara offers chic and classic interiors for your home. Soothe your soul and sight with the exclusive touch of luxury design.

  • 3 to 5 Tier security cover

    Safeguard your family with the most beautiful properties selected by us which comes with well-guarded security guard, access controlled gates, biometric access at the lobby and main door biometric lock & with an intruder alarm system.

  • Unique Designs, Creating the Best in the Industry

    Nitara Projects Limited, as a team is associated with best architects, interior designers, and structural consultants who are creating something unique every time.

  • Eco friendly material

    Safety is our first concern, be it yours or your surroundings. Nitara promises an ECO-friendly home that is designed with resources to minimize the impact on the environment. We use eco friendly LED lights, Paints, AAC blocks for portions & ready mix Gypsum plaster to increase heat resistivity & sound insulation.

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